From The Chair!

Hi everyone, first of all I would like to welcome our new member Stuart Stevenson to the club. Stuart has recently moved here from Anglesey and holds an “A” Examiner rating. ┬áStuart mostly enjoys gliders but has been known to throw the noisy smelly things around the sky on occasion……..

As for the field yes its still a bit wet but nowhere near as bad as it was. But can you please park your car a wee bit higher on the bank just to give the usual area a chance to dry out.

Also a funny thing his year is the invasion of large flocks of geese seem to have paid us a visit and much to the disappointment of David have eaten the grass down to a stub, the whole field!!!! Looks good though…… apart from the liberally spread/deposited dodo…..

The weather seems to have turned a corner too, cold but definitely drier so on with the babygro and thermals….

See you at the field